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PAGES: Files with PAGES file extensions are documents that come from Apple's Pages word processor, which is part of the iWork suite, an office suite from Apple, this set of applications runs on the MAC OS X and iOS operating systems . Many users consider PAGES as a direct competitor to Microsoft Word, initially it was aimed at taking a more simplistic approach to document creation and editing in Word, leaving aside many of the more complex features of Word.

Pages is used primarily to create custom documents that include charts, tables, images, text boxes, shapes, equations, and graphs. It incorporates most of the key features found in modern word processors, including WYSIWYG-based font selection, use of headers, footers, bookmarks, lists, and support for automatically generating a table of contents. Pages also comes with the standard spelling and grammar checkers.

DOC: This type of extension is typically related to Microsoft Word, it was created and published by the Microsoft Corporation in its versions of Word between 1997 and 2003. Unlike DOCX files, DOC files are a type of binary file that is basically composed of frames and records that focus on texts, that is, this type of extension is responsible for storing all formatting information, graphics , texts, scripts, images, tables, undo information, among others, in binary form.

All this content can be created and edited by different specialized programs to open and edit this type of extension, including the 2000 version of the well-known WordStar.

These DOC files can also be printed in different sizes, and the same can be viewed by different programs on different operating systems. This DOC format since its launch has been presenting some changes, especially in the most recent versions of Microsoft Word, this is how in the Word 2007 version it was replaced by another type of extension, which is based on XML.

It is worth mentioning that this type of extension is now obsolete, that is, DOC was created to support templates created between 1997 and 2003. However, in the most recent versions of Microsoft Word, this type of DOC format can easily be opened.

The preferred method to convert a PAGES file to DOC is using an online service provided by one of the popular pages provided for this purpose:


The steps are:

  1. Choose and upload the PAGES file.
  2. Choose the output format, in this case it is DOC.
  3. Start the conversion.
  4. Download the output file.