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Open a DOC file without Microsoft Word

Word is, without a doubt, one of the most used tools within the Microsoft Office suite. And it is that every day, there are many millions of people who use Word to create or modify documents.

However, Office, and consequently Word, is a tool that has a cost, which sometimes some users cannot afford.

This causes many people to search for free Word alternatives to work with their documents.

Next, we are going to show how we can open a DOC without Word.

Online tools to open a DOC file without Word

Onedrive and Office 360

The first option is to use the online version of Word. To do this, just go to the Office online site and log in with your Microsoft account.

Once there, you have the option of opening a DOC document that you have either in our storage space on OneDrive or on our hard drive.

Google Docs

Another alternative to open a DOC document without Word is to use Google Docs, since Google's online tool is compatible with this type of file and we can open a DOC without Word, with the only exception that we have to save our DOC document in Google Drive.

Google Chrome and its extensions

Opening a DOC without Word from the browser is also possible with other tools such as extensions that independent developers make for Google Chrome.

For example the Chrome "Open Online Office Files" extension and as its name suggests, it offers a document editor from the Google Chrome browser itself.

You must download the extension from the Chrome Web Store and install in your browser.

Once this is done, you only have to open a Chrome window or tab, go to the file browser on your computer, select the document you want to open from Word, drag it to the Google Chrome tab and drop it.