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Convert PDF to DOC

Although converting a DOC to PDF is a simple task, doing the opposite is not. And is that most PDF readers do not offer this function.

The function of converting a PDF to any editable format, for example DOC, is not usually free at the software level, however there are many online tools that offer this service for free.

Analyzing the differences and similarities between each format, we can understand a little why it is difficult to do this conversion, and eventually, why it is not usually free.

The big difference is that DOC is a fully editable text document and PDF is a format that is designed not to be modified, which is generally used in publications, books or reports that must remain intact.

What is a DOC document?

This type of extension is typically related to Microsoft Word, it was created and published by the Microsoft Corporation in its versions of Word between 1997 and 2003.

One of the advantages of using Microsoft Word DOC files is that their editors are practically available everywhere.

If you need to do some last minute editing, it is very easy to find a device with an office suite, even mobile devices.

What are PDF files?

They are very easy to send and receive because they are very light and their content cannot be edited. When printed they appear on paper as they are seen on screen.

Adobe PDF files look exactly the same as the original pages. Anyone can open Adobe PDF documents on any device, equating to DOC files in this regard.

More features to improve usability than PDF files created with other applications. PDF documents can be password protected.

The weak point of this format is that its editors softwares are not free and, in fact, it is not easy.

PDF to DOC conversion can be done using any of the popular online services.

The steps are usually the same for all providers of this service:

  1. Enter the website and select the PDF to DOC Converter
  2. Drag and drop your PDF into the toolbox, or search for it with the file explorer on your device.
  3. Choose if you need to use OCR technology or not (If available).
  4. Wait for your document to convert to DOC format and then download it