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DOC Frequently Asked Questions

What is DOC file?

You can open DOC file with Microsoft Word application which is a part of Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Word is a very popular word processing application. It was released by Microsoft in 1983 as a Multi-Tool Word for Xenix operating system but got renamed to Microsoft Word soon after the release. First version of Microsoft Word was developed by Richard Brodie, in less than seven months. After that subsequent versions were released for various platforms including DOS, Mac OS, Unix, OS/2, Atari ST, SCO Unix. Currently Microsoft Word desktop versions supports Windows and Mac OS. Mobile versions of Microsoft Word are available for Android and iOS.

How can I open DOC file?

The best software to open DOC file is Microsoft Word version 2007 or later. You can also use online version of Microsoft Office to open DOC files.

Are DOC files binary?

Information in DOC files is stored in binary format. It is impossible to get any information by looking into DOC file in text editor. You either will need to have a Microsoft Excel or other application which can open DOC files installed or be able to parse binary code structures using HEX editor.