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DOC Files on Android

These days we need to be connected at all times, so it is not unusual to see ourselves in the need to open a DOC document on the road.
Although there are always the official Microsoft applications for mobile phones, you may require a second option.

Here you have five options to open a DOC document on your Android.

  • Google drive

    Google Drive is, undoubtely, one of the best alternatives to edit and share DOC documents, through Google Docs. Best of all, they are stored in the cloud, so you can be sure that you will never lose them.

  • LibreOffice

    LibreOffice for Android is another good option for saving and opening DOC documents on-the-go. One of its main advantages is that it also supports open source formats such as .odt, .ods or .odp.

  • WPS Office + PDF

    The main attraction of WPS Office + PDF is that you have all the benefits of editing different types of files in one application.

    In addition, you can save your documents on your device or upload them to most of the most popular cloud services.

  • Office Suite + PDF Editor

    This is one of the most complete options, because in addition to being able to create files in all Microsoft Office formats, you can scan or convert documents to PDF format.

    It has a link to save your documents in the cloud.

  • Polaris Office

    Finally, you have Polaris Office. With the exception that to use it you must create an account or enter with your Google+ or Facebook profile.

    Moreover, you can open and create DOC documents and convert them to PDF.

    It allows you to save the files directly to your device, Google Drive or the application server. In addition, it has a desktop version.

    Now you have some options to open Word, Excel or Power Point documents from your Android device.