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DOC is a file extension created by Microsoft for Office Word, during  the 90's, being a standard for office documents. This type of file, which originated as a plain text document, now supports many features, such as inserting hyperlinks and images, and modifying margins or word wrap. Microsoft Word chose the DOC file extension as the default since its creation, however in recent years this type of file has lost popularity, as similar file extensions have replaced the DOC extension, including the best known which is the DOCX extension. DOC files are currently used to store plain text instead of handling rich text and complex formats.

One of the main drawbacks that users of this format encounter is with the licensing of the software that uses it, in this case, Microsoft Word. As is well known, Microsoft Word is a licensed software that requires the payment of a license, both for use on a computer and in the cloud (Office 360).

Most DOC files are compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word, but because these documents are binary encoded, not all functionality is available in all versions of Microsoft Word or in programs such as LibreOffice or Apple Pages. Therefore, some styles and rich text features do not carry over, but a plain text version can be opened.

If you are in a hurry to open and read a DOC file and you do not have the appropriate office software to open these types of files, then you have the option of opening it through any online viewer service.

One of the advantages of working with these files online is that you can have them available wherever you go, both for editing and for creating them. Today there are some online editing services, and the most notorious and popular is the one provided by Google (Google Docs) which is available just by having an active Google account, and for all it is necessary to have a modern and updated web browser. Below is a list of available online services:

  • Google Docs: Free service provided by Google for viewing documents in DOCX format, whose only requirement is to have an Active Google account.
  • ZOHO: service provided by the homonymous page with limited functions but very useful to make corrections on the fly and more.